Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Everything below is relevant right now, and none of this could have happened before.

In other words, the timing is right!

Someone needs to take the reins in the impending Near Space Crisis.

COMSATG2 presents an immediately doable, forward thinking, far reaching solution.

Ready whenever anyone else is!

Forge Ahead...


INTRODUCING...COMSATG2...Telecom for the 21st Century...

I can launch a Telecommunications Satellite into orbit with no rocket booster.

And return the vehicle to Earth for recycling with no blazing re-entry.

The launch vehicle is the satellite, leaving Zero Debris.

Launch costs will be reduced by a factor of ten, or more.

The enormous savings can be directed toward development of essential new resources.

Zero Debris will eliminate the potential for Collisional Cascading in Near Space.

The rapidly escalating effects of Space Debris threaten Telecom services.

Our emerging Global Economy stops dead in its tracks if Telecom stumbles.

Telecom has become as crucial to our success as Petroleum.

Eliminating the Space Debris threat will help stabilize the Economy.

This is future altering, and it’s all up to you.

Want it, and it will happen.

Space Hugging embraces Space, reminding us that it’s all the same place, and we are in it.

Learn to co-operate with, not defy Natural Forces.

Talk it up!

I’ll take care of the rest.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Near Space is part of Earth’s Environment, the Shoreline of Outer Space.

We’re treating the Shoreline of Outer Space just like we did our Shorelines on Earth, until the stench started catching up with us.

We have already polluted Near Space, the first step to the final frontier, with satellite launch debris.

Imagine wagon train scouts finding McDs wrappers tangled in the sagebrush.

Or, the first Pilgrim to debark steps onto a throw away diaper and gets jabbed by a hypodermic needle when he reaches down to check what's stuck to his foot.

Near Space needs a hug!

Up to now, we have entered space with a bang, defying the forces of nature, depositing our residue along the way.

COMSATG2 will Fall into Space smoothly and gently, co-operating with natural forces, leaving behind zero debris.

Not only is this environmentally sound, it is economically potent.

COMSATG2 will liberate funds for alternative energy by reducing launch costs ten fold and stopping the proliferation of Space Junk.

Picture 1957.

At age ten, I understood as much about orbital mechanics as the guys who were doing it because my Father was one of the guys.

They were trying to establish that we ( the USofA ) could launch a weapon into orbit and return the payload on target.

The daring Humans in a Tin Can, riding atop the candle, were for show.

Public interest equals funding.

"No bucks...no Buck Rogers."

Orbital mechanics haven't changed.

If you could throw a baseball high enough, and on the right trajectory, it would go into orbit.

COMSATG2 and the Fall into Space method are real!

Again 1957...Near Space was already the High Ground and nobody was going there without permission from the King o' the Hill...ever.

Or, at least 'not in my lifetime'.

The Rocketeers of Yore set things up so their jobs would be important for at least fifty years.

Every projection was for fifty years into the future.

This was validated by acting like they were advanced thinkers, looking out for everyone's future best interest.

They were feathering their own nests, appointing themselves Administrators of Space for life, while creating an Old Boy Network to rival any on Earth...NASA.

Try to imagine the sense of power they experienced.

These were WWII guys with unapologetic aggressiveness and the knowledge that they had given themselves jobs for life…enter the Barcalounger!

Knowing that I would get to do nothing more than busy myself fulfilling the dreams of others by entering the field, and that those dreams, no matter what the cover story, were of Military Dominance, I stepped completely away from any passion for rocketeering and man in space.

It was predestined to be frustrating from its inception.

The 'not in my lifetime' outlook was firmly entrenched and covered up in the guise of nobility and sacrifice for future generations.

People bought it lock stock and barrel.

To this day, NASA works to fulfill plans that were on the boards fifty years ago.

Que sera.

However, my unbridled passion for the sense of awe and wonder abounding throughout our universe has never dimmed.

Now, with the recent proliferation of Global Awareness, all thanks to Telecomsats, there is a real reason to present this fresh outlook.

We need to rekindle our sense of expansion without the hubris and pure bravado.

This concept attempts to be all encompassing and inclusive rather than exclusive to those in the know.

Exclusivity is where the true power of Rocketeering lies.

Ever since Peenemunde it's been same ol', same ol'.

We got the biggest one and you don't.

Mess with us and die!

All coming from the same ol' boys who are willing to accept casualties ( not their own of course ) for the thrill of playing rockets with the big boys...from Von Braun on.

Von Braun died bemoaning his willingness to rain terror for a little boy's dream.


Wrap your arms and your minds around this.

Think of how good you will feel knowing we, as Humanity, can collectively foresee and effectively tackle a problem that's certain to affect everyone.

COMSATG2, and the issues we face in Near Space, are totally non-sectarian and are neither nationalistic, militaristic, nor political.

They really do affect everyone's future well being, no matter one's place in the food chain.

As a potential solution, this is imminently doable and practical, not pie in the sky utopian.

What could be more practical and satisfying than taking the most direct, natural path to solving an impending Global problem?

COMSATG2 has evolved in real time to suit a real need.

Call it Spontaneous Evolution...a trait it wouldn't hurt us to encourage.


I give my personal guarantee that the leap of faith required to accept my Fall into Space premise will not lead to disappointment.

No kidding!

We have already polluted Near Space, and we haven't even gotten there yet.

On Earth's surface, we procreated, roamed, and explored for countless millennia before doing anything foolish enough to endanger our overall well being.

As we covered the planet, our debris became part of the landscape.

In Near Space, our debris is the landscape.

This is not only an important Environmental Issue, it is the single most important factor in our quest for Global Economic Stability...more important than Oil.

There is no Global Economy without more and more satellite debris.

The two go hand in hand.

This leads to the situation known as Collisional Cascading.

Think Chicken Little.

COMSATG2 will reduce Telecommunications launch costs by a factor of ten, or more, and leave behind zero debris.

This vehicle can be phased in without disrupting the existing economic infrastructure using established technology to provide continuity of service during the transition.

This will free billions of dollars for energy research, and evolve into enormous opportunities everywhere on Earth.

Our emerging energy needs will become a moot point if Telecommunications does not make serious advances before we face Collisional Cascading.

Without confidence in Telcom, financing will disappear, and the Global Economy will wither.

Nothing moves without Petrochemicals and Telecom.

As Telecom becomes more important, it will become more volatile, and surpass Oil as our top priority...and need.

The situation is obviously more complicated than this.

But, simply put, it is all too real, and cannot be ignored.


Here we go!

It's time to foresee and avert the impending Near Space Crisis.

Think of Near Space as part of Earth's Environment, like the Shoreline of Outer Space.

Then, picture how we treated our Shorelines on Earth, until the stench caught up with us.

Simply put, we ignored the obvious problems of mounting pollution.

Now, we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, bemoaning our fate while trying to fix the mess.

Picture the same thoughtless sequence of events happening in Near Space.

It's already well underway, and will lead to unprecedented economic horrors unless we take action before Collisional Cascading, the worst case scenario, happens.

I want to go on the record as being first to promote the
Greening of Near Space, while offering an imminently doable solution to the impending Space Debris Crisis.

Near Space is part of Earth's Environment.

Each day that passes, Near Space becomes more and more important in our quest for Global Economic Stability.

Everything involved with Global Commerce relies upon Telecommunications.

Nothing moves without GPS, product tracking software, and instant, electronic financial transactions.

All dependent upon Telecom.

Stop and consider the effects we have had on Earth's Ocean in our drive for commerce.

Realize that we messed up the Ocean by settling along waterways and coastlines, abusing Earth's natural resources, and dumping our refuse into rivers, streams, and on into the Ocean.

This occurred long after early Human explorers had gone beyond the Shoreline.

In Space, we haven't gone anywhere, and Near Space, The Shoreline of Outer Space, is already polluted with satellite launch debris.

Take a Lesson from History, and picture where that situation leads.

Early Humans looked at the vastness of Earth's Ocean and thought, "How could we possibly mess it up with a little garbage?"

The vastness of Outer Space awaits our touch!

COMSATG2 is a self launching, recyclable Telecommunications Satellite.

The launch vehicle is the satellite...producing zero debris.

COMSATG2 will Fall into Space after being dropped from a balloon, and return safely to Earth with no burn-in.

Alternative access and recovery will reduce Telecomsat launch costs by a factor of ten, or more.

Once in service, COMSATG2 replaces outdated Telecomsats at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine the savings!

These enormous savings will generate positive results everywhere on Earth.

The Global Economy will flourish.

Telecommunications is the lifeblood of the emerging Global Economy.

Everything from the flow of commerce, to the financial transactions making the flow possible, depends upon Telecom.

Satellite Telecommunication makes today’s Global Economy possible.

The Global Economy has to work if Planet Earth is to continue supporting billions of us.

Efficient, smooth running Telecom is essential to an efficient, smooth running Global Economy.

Recyclable COMSATG2 is the key to efficient, smooth running Telecom.

The tons of Space Junk, left behind by countless launches, threatens the ever expanding communication grid

A successful Global Economy will require more and more satellites, creating more and more junk.

The chance of catastrophic satellite failure from a collision in Space increases with each launch.

COMSATG2 is self-launching, recyclable, and leaves behind Zero Space Junk.

This will dramatically reduce launch costs, and eliminate the potential for unrestrained speculation and price gouging.

In a first for Humanity, we can foresee an impending Global Crisis and prevent it.

The public must demand that COMSATG2 is developed before we get to ‘worst case scenario’

Brighten the horizon, expand your outlook, check out COMSATG2 and Talk it Up!

Ready whenever anyone else is.

If you think Big Oil has us by the short hairs, wait until the Telecom Giants start speculating and price gouging.

We already know that Space Debris, from countless telecommunication satellite launches, constantly threatens Telecom.

The first time Global Financial Markets stumble over doubt created by a debris damaged satellite, speculation will run rampant, and markets will topple.

Without confident financial markets to back Global Development, products will never come to market.

With nothing to move, Petroleum usage will decrease enormously.

Restoring Telecom confidence will become priority one.

Telecom has become more important, and more potentially volatile than oil.

It’s all about Global Commerce.

Petro Chemicals provide everything from fuel and fertilizer to the vehicles and containers used to ship and pack virtually every product we touch, enabling goods from everywhere on Earth to reach the marketplace ready for use, and on time.

Global Commerce is essential if this planet is to continue supporting billions of us.

As Global Commerce increases, more and more Petro Chems are needed.

That is why Big Oil has us by the short hairs, and is tugging at every turn.

It's simple supply and demand, compounded by what the traffic will bear.

We've adapted, learning to grin and bear it because we have no choice.

We have no choice because we bought Big Oil's product lock stock and barrel, with little or no concern for the consequences.

Now, consider this.

Every step of the way, Global Commerce also relies on Telecommunications.

From product tracking, to GPS, to the financial transactions making it all possible, Telecommunications has become just as important as Oil, and is susceptible to the same price gouging and speculating as we face in our dealings with Big Oil.

COMSATG2 addresses this issue in advance, offering low-cost launch and recovery.

This will free billions of dollars for energy research, while revolutionizing Telecom, and preventing the inevitable consumer rip-off.

Today’s Telecom Giants have us all believing they are the only game in town, and we can like it or lump it when the bill arrives.

As long as we continue to buy what's being sold, lock stock and barrel, with little or no concern for the consequences, that's the inevitable result.

COMSATG2 will change everything, open our eyes, and expand the horizon for all Humanity.

Picture a future Global Crisis, envisioned, considered, and resolved before another react and respond phase kicks in.

We are currently overwhelmed with too much react and respond.

Let’s see how good we are at prevention.

In a first, we can acknowledge Telecom’s importance to Humanity in our quest for a Global common denominator, and act in advance.

We can act as one to resolve an inevitable crisis before it sets us back on our heels.

This new awareness will empower Humanity and provide impetus for expansion

Once we believe in expansion again, our Pioneer Spirit will return, and the future horizon will brighten…compliments of COMSATG2.


Quotes from NASA...via Space Debris Czar, Nicholas Johnson...

"Green engineering and operations are essential to preserving the near-Earth space environment for future generations.

In the future, remediation of the near-Earth space environment (that is, the removal of large spacecraft and launch-vehicle stages) might be necessary to prevent the uncontrolled growth of the debris population due to accidental collisions."

Here's more NASA.

If that's not preparing us for future bad news, speculation, and price gouging, I don't know what is.

Do you?

This is for real, Folks...Talk it Up!


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